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Are you looking for dedicated professionals in Menomonie and Eau Claire who will provide a seamless building experience? Look no further.

Peace of Mind

1-year Full Coverage Warranty

Quality labor and materials are guaranteed for all our construction projects.

This mandatory warranty includes one year’s coverage for defects in materials and labor. It includes issues with your home's construction and materials. Items such as flooring, trim, and fixtures are included.

This coverage is applied for one year starting from the warranty commencement date when your home is officially complete.

Enduring Quality

10-year Structural Integrity Warranty

This warranty covers the central structural components of your home* for 10 years from the date of completion.

This long-term coverage is applied to potential imperfections in construction or materials that may result in structural damage or the failure of a portion of the new home that adversely impacts the owners’ ability to safely occupy and use the home.

*For example, the foundation, and frame

Custom Design

A Full-service Model

Our dedicated professionals will provide you with the best possible building experience with our innovative full-service package and inclusive price policy.

Full-service Package

You will enjoy all the benefits of a full-service home package. Let us take care of the entire building process from finding and purchasing the land, building a custom structure based upon your needs, and finishing with key details like landscaping, exterior and interior finishes, and turnkey appliances.

Hire the experts at Hoffman Homes to take care of the whole job for you.

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Inclusive Price Policy

At Hoffman Homes, we believe in the importance of excellence and value. You can expect top-quality results in every aspect of your new home. Hoffman Homes sources the latest in high-end features and amenities at the best possible value.

An “inclusive price” means that your project will remain within budget while we provide all the quality items and materials needed to build a superior home.

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What Sets us Apart

You can look forward to clear communication and place your trust in Hoffman Homes to accurately estimate the cost of labor and materials.