Highly Recommended

"You were very, very highly recommended."

I appreciate your honesty and upfront professional suggestions and interpretations. These guys know what they're doing. They show integrity and awesome craftsmanship. Neat and clean too.

—Steve G. Kraemer
Wilson, Wisconsin

Great Communication

"A trusted business associate recommended Hoffman Homes highly because of overall quality, meeting the budget, and being on time."

Brent is a good communicator. He met all targets, even with a winter build. My favorite part was being involved throughout the process. In the end, everything worked out great. I enjoyed seeing our vision become reality.

I would recommend Hoffman Homes because Brent is very honest, communicates very well, does a good job listening and putting the homeowner's ideas into a practical design. Brent will also share his thoughts when an idea may be impractical, overly expensive or not seem to fit with a design. I am sure this is not the easiest of conversations, but I am thankful he has the foresight and ability to discuss situations that arise during design.

The build quality was excellent. I could have gone with a cookie cutter, high-volume builder, but I am thankful for our decision to go with Brent and have a much more personalized home.

—Brian Bernhardt
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Our Number One Choice

"At the beginning, we were considering you and two other contractors. After interviewing you, talking to some of your clients, and touring homes that you had built, we soon realized that you were our number one choice."

Because of your high quality of work, we did have concerns about your affordability. Our favorite part of building our home was designing the layout. Our goal was to have a large open area that included the kitchen and living/dining room for entertaining friends. We also wanted to maximize the lovely south view.

We already have recommended you to several people. We liked your attention to detail and the fact that you handled all of the paperwork and permits. Your bid was complete and did not have any additional cost surprises. We also appreciated your efficiency at meeting our time schedule. From the time we broke ground until we moved in, there was hardly a single day that someone (framing, concrete crew, electrician, plumber, heating, insulating, drywall, painting etc.) wasn't working. All of your subcontractors were very good, and you did a good job of overseeing the whole project!

We are very happy with our home, but if we ever decide to build again, it would only be with Hoffman Homes!

—Duane and Julie Kuesel
Elmwood, Wisconsin

A Enjoyable Process

"I have worked with a number of contractors in the past. The first thing I look for is honesty, the second is competency, and the third is transparency. Of these three characteristics, Hoffman Homes, or Brent Hoffman, excelled in all categories. "

We had many conversations during the time of our project. Brent always listened to our input, explained what was taking place, and corrected any misunderstandings along the way. His subcontractors were excellent to work with and did an outstanding job. The construction documentation was true to form and we always knew where the project was both on the timeline and financially.

Our favorite part of building our home was the design phase. Brent was patient with us. His software provided a very visual design process which allowed my wife and I to see the draft visual of our cottage before it was built. This eliminated many of the "discussions" between us about how the finished project would look. Brent's knowledge of construction complemented the design process. In other words, he wouldn't design something that would not be functionally realistic. This process eliminated many of the potential problems in a home building project.

I have worked with many contractors in the past, and Brent was one of the best to work with. He made building an enjoyable process which contributes immensely to the joy and satisfaction of having a new home.

—Al Brown
Menomonie, Wisconsin

A Quality Custom Home

"We were afraid we would not be able to build a house we'd be happy with within our budget. Brent worked with us to design a house that would be within our budget and still be something that we loved."

When building our house we had the ability to design it to fit the location and the needs of our family. As far as the building experience, my favorite part was going out to the land and imagining what it would look like and then seeing our dream home being created from the ground up. It is so rewarding to walk into your brand new home and know that this is the home your children will grow up in.

Hoffman Homes builds a quality home. Brent is easy to work with and does it right.

—Chealsey Gerth
Menomonie, Wisconsin

The Very Best

"We were immediately impressed with their superior workmanship, attention to detail, and the quality of products that they used."

Brent customized a plan that was exactly what we wanted and would offer great suggestions and solutions to problems that were incorporated along the way. Hoffman Homes was very accurate in the initial assessment and cost estimate of our project. The job was always done with care and precision and we were kept up-to-date with walk-throughs. There was also great communication and willingness to accommodate our needs. Brent is a perfectionist, to say the least. It was a great partnership that created a beautiful home in the end.

Thorough, timely, kind, professional, organized, knowledgeable... the very best around!

—Jolene Jensen
Elk Mound, Wisconsin

Definitely Recommend

"We were concerned that the new home would take over our summer, but that did not happen. We traveled to visit family and continued with our life and the house came along with minimal disruptions."

Our favorite part of building our home was looking at the plans and then watching it being built, one phase at a time. It came together better than we had ever pictured. We were extremely impressed when we first met with Brent, how quickly and confidently he responded to our idea of an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) home. He was enthusiastic about the ideas we requested. Brent was also very helpful in offering his ideas and suggestions.

Brent was referred to us by our son in law. This assured us and gave us confidence that Brent had the knowledge and skills to build the style of home we wanted. From concept to fruition Brent has been open to our ideas and offered his insight to make the home better than we first envisioned.

Brent will not disappoint. He always has a great attitude, is honest, trustworthy, and fun to work with. Brent is conscientious about quality and doing things right and in a timely fashion. He cares, keeps in touch, and communicates with you every step of the way.

We really have enjoyed doing business with Brent and would definitely recommend him to others.

—Robin and Rhonda Buck
Menomonie, Wisconsin